Removing the Media Loading Lever For Epson SC-S30600

Media Loading Lever (Paper Feed Mechanism)

The Media Loading Lever on an Epson printer is a mechanism designed to help users load different types and sizes of media, such as paper or envelopes, into the printer’s paper tray or feed mechanism correctly.

This lever typically adjusts the position of the paper guides within the paper tray, allowing users to accommodate various sizes of media. By adjusting the lever, users can ensure that the media is aligned properly and that the printer can feed it smoothly during printing.

The specific location and design of the Media Loading Lever may vary depending on the model of the Epson printer. However, its function remains consistent across different models: to assist users in loading media correctly for printing.

Removing the Media Loading Lever For Epson SC-S30600

1. Move the Media Loading Lever to the front side, and set it to the “Hold” position.
2. Remove the two screws, and remove the Media Loading Lever.
A) Silver M4x8 S-tite screw: 2 pcs